Changes for iNZightMaps

iNZightMaps 2.3.1

  • remove ggsfextra from Imports

iNZightMaps 2.3

  • fix handling of colour by and join points (simultaneously)
  • pass subset and size-by information through to plot title
  • move the geom_sparkline function from the ggsfextra package into iNZightMaps
  • replace the geom_sftext from ggsfextra by the geom_sf_text function now included in ggplot2

iNZightMaps 2.2

Release date: 13 August 2019

  • Add dot density maps

iNZightMaps 2.1.2

Release date: 30 April 2019

  • Remove grouped variable from summarise_at to fix map joining bug

iNZightMaps 2.1.1

Release date: 03 December 2018

  • fix bug where Shiny graphics device would plot white background

iNZightMaps 2.1

Release date: 15 November 2018

  • Replaced Google Maps with Stamen Maps due to the former no longer offering free maps

iNZightMaps 2.0.1

Release date: 13 September 2018

  • Add example datasets to package
  • Change "opacity" labels to "transparency"
  • Overall transparency slider now always visible

Version 2.0

Release date: 14 August 2018

Massive overhaul of the mapping module, using ggplot2 and sf packages.

  • Ability to map data to arbitrary shapefiles and plot variables using filled regions or centroids
  • For spatial time series data: plot animated maps over time, overlay small line plots on regions or aggregate values
  • Retrieve the code used for these maps
  • Add most point appearance options from regular iNZightPlots scatterplots into iNZightMaps coordinate maps

iNZightMaps 1.1-3

Release date: 10 April 2017

  • fix bug where difference in range approx 0 but not quite

iNZightMaps 1.1-2

Release date: 19 November 2016

  • fix up an issue where longitude value range was too large at 0 and +-180

iNZightMaps 1.1-1

Release date: 30 September 2016

  • pass the current environment to iNZightPlot so data= works

Version 1.1

Release date: 11 July, 2016

  • Integrated all graphics with the iNZightPlots package
  • Faster drawing of maps, and include subset-by variables
  • Add shape methods for colouring regions of a map

Version 1.0

Release date: 24 February, 2016

  • Plot geographical data on a map with the simplest of commands.
  • Uses iNZightPlots for the base layouts, and only modifies the internal plots.
  • Can currently handle coordinate and country data.