iNZight User Guides: The Basics

This section will outline the very basics of iNZight. Thanks to the simplicity of the design, you will be exploring your data within minutes!

Table of Contents
  1. Getting started with iNZight

    Start up iNZight for the first time.

  2. Load data into iNZight

    From starting up iNZight and reading in a data file, to your first graphs.

  3. Plotting one variable

    Working with one variable at a time - the 'Variable 1' box.

  4. Plotting two variables

    Working with pairs of variables - the 'Variable 2' box.

  5. Subsetting your data

    Multiple plots for subsets of the data - the 'Subset Variable 1' and 'Subset variable 2' boxes.

  6. Updating iNZight

    Keep up-to-date with the newest features, changes, and bug-fixes by updating your copy of iNZight.