Plotting One Variable

Using iNZight, it is easy to create a graph of your variables. Simply drag and drop a variable name into the "Variable 1" slot, and iNZight will automatically draw the appropriate graph depending on the type of variable:

  • Numeric variables: these will produce a dot plot.

  • Categorical variables: also referred to as factors, these will produce a bar plot.

You can also obtain a numeric summary of the variable by clicking the Get Summary button at the bottom of the iNZight window. Note that you have to have dragged a variable into Variable 1 first.

The following video demonstrates how to use iNZight to plot a single variable.

NOTE: the video was made using an older version of iNZight, so there will be some minor differences in the appearance.

You can follow along

  1. Load the Census at School 500 data set from File > Example Data:

Load example data into iNZight

  1. Click and drag the variable height to the Variable 1 slot to produce a dot plot.

  2. Click and drag the variable cellsource to the Variable 1 slot to produce a bar plot.

  3. Click the Get Summary button to get a text summary of the graph.