Changes for vit

vit 1.2.8

Release date: 29 July 2020

  • Fix bug introduced by R 4.0 (must now use unitType(x) instead of attr(x, 'unit'))

vit 1.2.7

Release date: 22 June 2017

  • Fix a bug in the NAMESPACE not exporting functions correctly

vit 1.2.6

Release date: 03 Feburary 2017

  • Use the newdevice function from iNZightTools, which attempts to select a better device (particularly on Linux).

vit 1.2.5

Release date: 19 October 2015

  • Removed the "ODBC" dependency, which should only affect import of Excel files on Windows. However, this dependency was causing issues on Macs.

vit 1.2.4

Release date: 27 July 2015

  • Allow users to modify the ps and dpi values for Acinonyx plots. This is mostly useful for Macbook Pro (retina) users.

vit 1.2.3

Release date: 16 June 2015

  • the "File Browser" should now start in the iNZightVIT directory on Macs (rather than the "Home" directory, ~).

  • on mac machines, we provide the ability to create a .vitprofile file in the main iNZightVIT folder which will control the resolution of the graphics in the VIT module.

vit 1.2.2

Release date: 10 June 2015

  • New banner with the new iNZight logo in the main start up screen

vit 1.2.1

Release date: 18 September 2014

Minor Changes

  • Can now read in data files which have comments in them - denoted by #'s

vit 1.2.0

Release date: 18 January 2014

Major Changes

  • Because iNZight has been rewritten using gWidgets2, we needed to rewrite several functions in the vit package to ensure users could still switch between iNZight and VIT (and back again) without restarting their session. The current version involves detaching and attaching the correct gWidgets version when iNZight is loaded or closed.

Minor Changes

  • As with other packages in the iNZightVIT bundle, the version numbering has been updated. The previous version was updated from beta to version 1.x, and the new release as version 1.2 (this is because there is no functional difference between the versions, however they are no longer compatible).

Bug Fixes

  • Users can now close the graphics device in the VIT module, and are able to return to the home screen (previously, they experienced a fatal error when trying to return to the home screen if they closed the graphics device).

vit 1.1.0-20130227

Release date: 27 February 2013

Bug Fixes

  • When doing randomisation testing with a 2 level categorical variable as the first variable, changing the level of interest could cause all data to be plotted as if it belonged to the level of interest.

vit 1.1.0-20130122

Release date: 22 January 2013

Minor Changes

  • Reverting 'stackPoints' to old behaviour for 'Data' and 'Sample' panels. Modified slightly so that the "bins" are now half a point's width.

  • Updating mechanism in iNZightVIT improved.

vit 1.1.0-20121008

Release date: 8 October 2012

New Features

  • Added updating mechanism to keep VIT up to date without grabbing the entire distribution. This can be called by running updateVit(). The iNZightVIT distribution does include a script UPDATE_iNZightVIT.bat (UPDATE_iNZightVIT.command for OSX) to automate this task.

  • Added a new function vitBugReport(), which provides instructions for creating a bug report.

  • Version strings are tagged with a date. This is exposed in the home screen.


  • Reworked the dependency structure of VIT. This should make it slightly faster to load and prints less to the console.

  • Increasing speed of plotting regression by making slopes opaque. This is reverting back to the original implementation.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for Mac clients which were selecting the wrong graphics device.

vit 1.1.0-20120822

Release date: 22 August 2012

New Features

  • Better handling of large datasets. The data-view is now disabled in favour of variable-view only from 200,000 cells.

  • Added support for showing the theoretical distributions for:

    • Differences between two proportions.
    • Regression.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for 2 Sample Proportions in the Bootstrapping module (when resampling within groups).

vit 1.1.0-20120725

Release date: 25 July 2012

  • Minor improvements.

vit 1.1.0-20120417

Release date: 17 April 2012

  • Major enhancements.
  • Various fixes.