iNZight FAQ: Windows Installation Issues

[These pages deal only with issues for the current version of iNZight (version 3). For issues with older versions, see the FAQ pages from the old website.]

Windows wont let me run the installer due to security issues

If you are not an admin user, Windows might not let you run the installer if you open it directly from your web browser.

  • Navigate to your Downloads folder
  • Double-click the iNZightVIT Windows Installer

The reason for this is because we haven't paid Microsoft to give us a license, so iNZight isn't listed as 'safe'. So long as you download from this website, there shouldn't be any problems.

I can't get iNZight to run

If iNZight seems to have installed properly but will not run it may be because you are using an institutionally-owned computer with security settings which are preventing iNZight from running.

  • Sometimes in this case the security settings will still allow iNZight to run from a memory stick. To try this out, either install onto the stick or copy the INZightVIT folder from wherever you have installed it onto the stick. To start, go inside the iNZight VIT folder and click the iNZight shortcut. (Desktop shortcuts may not work as the drive letter for the disk is not the same every time you insert it.)

  • Otherwise you will need to involve someone with administrator privileges to install iNZightVIT inside Program Files.

I've started iNZight and the window is too big for me to see it all

Temporary fixes:

  1. Drag the top of the window until you see one of the top corners and use that to shrink the window
  2. Or, drag the top of the window until you see the maximize box and maximize it

Permanent Fix:
Go File > Preferences and reset the window size to something smaller, Save (bottom of the preferences window). Then go File > Exit.
Next time you start up iNZight it will have the smaller window size.

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