Plot Toolbar Buttons

Plot toolbar

The plot toolbar lies below the graphics window, and provides several useful options to users. The buttons are described below, from left to right.

New Plot Window

Clicking this button will open up a new graphics window that uses the default R device instead of the "container" used by iNZight. This has two particular uses:

  • To permit copying and pasting of graphics (including in metafile form) by right-clicking on the graphics window,
  • To permit easier resizing of the plotting window, including full screen.

New Plot Tab

This will create a new plot tab, allowing the currently displayed plot to be retained. Subsequent plots will use the new tab. You can switch between tabs by double-clicking on the tab you wish to plot into.


Use if the plot window seems to have stopped working or is not displaying your plot properly. It re-draws the data and usually corrects the error.

Rename Plot Tab

Used to rename the tab of the current plotting window.

Save Plot

Enables you to save the contents of the displayed plot as a file (in .jpeg, .png, .bmp, .tiff, or .pdf formats).

Close Tab

This will close the current plot tab, not the iNZight window.

Add to Plot

Remove Additions

For removal of some or all additions made to a plot.

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